Martin Luther King, Jr.
Task Force of Cary
Cary, North Carolina 

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Since 1995, the Martin Luther King Jr. Task Force of Cary has planned and implemented  events designed :

and sponsor A Mini Series on the Important Lessons and Values of Dr. King's Nonviolence Philosopy:

Peaceful Resolution to Conflict
Nonviolence -The Best Approach to resolving Conflict
Teaching Tolerance
Creating Harmony Among All People
Contructive Ways to Deal With Strong Emotions
Promoting the beloved community and providing education, cultural, and ongoing interreligious/international efforts toward conflict resolution and peace in OUR WORLD.

and tell the continued story that Dr. King's life and message were not just for African-Americans but for all people.
The MLK Jr. Task Force of Cary will send forth "Keeping the Dream Alive Ambassadors" who will meet and talk with representatives of the wider community.

the diverse people of Cary and other communities. The challenge will be in getting all people to recognize that we are one regardless of our differences. 
The MLK, Jr. Task Force of Cary is very interested in gaining a greater awareness of key issues affecting Asian, Euro-American, Hispanic, Indian and other cultural heritage groups in the local & wider community. We welcome opportunities for mutual cooperation. Efforts will be made to establish lines of communication, embrace, celebrate and cooperate/partner with racially diverse groups in Cary and the wider community.

an ever-more caring, equitable, and welcoming community.  The MLK Jr. Task Force of Cary will establish cooperative links with organizations of like purpose to achieve the following:

SUPPORT - programs that focus on leadership achievement

IDENTIFY- youth and adults who are growing towards understanding and sharing the message exemplified by Dr. King to confer the MLK Jr. Dream of Achievement Award

CULTIVATE - relations with groups that emphasize goodwill and accent the concept that properly nutured children will mature into productive citizens

Dreamfest History & Perspective -
In 1998, the MLK Jr. Task Force of Cary requested consideration, endorsement, and sanction of an annual MLK Jr. Dreanfest Celebration to be held in Cary, NC beginning January 1999 and henceforth year after year.  At the Town Council meeting, held on November 12, 1998, staff recommended approval of the Town's support of the MLK Jr. Dreamfest Celebration conducted by the MLK Jr. Task Force of Cary and thus a partnership was formed.  Dreamfest 1999 was an eight day celebration.  Since then, the Martin Luther King Jr. Task Force of Cary and the Town of Cary have collaboratively planned pre, post, and main event activities.
Mark your calendar and plan now to be present at some or all of Dreamfest Events & Activities held in the Town of Cary NC. All events are free and for all ages unless otherwise posted. COME bring family and your neighborhood!

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Task Force of Cary invites all children, youth and adults from local, state, national & international areas  to   "Resolve to Get Involved"
™  The Martin Luther King Jr. Task Force of Cary works year round to "Keep the Dream Alive" and to ensure that the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered.

Please consider being responsive to the needs, the charge, the mission of the MLK Jr. Task Force of Cary.  Also know that there is always a continuous need for a few good children, youth, men & women to become actively involved in the work of the organization. Volunteer opportunities are varied and flexible, membership affordable, you can choose your hours of work AND you can work at home. 

Contact the President, Carolyn Sampson, at 919.651-0575 or email:; or
or write to PO Box 5111, Cary NC 27512-5111.

                                                 ALWAYS REMEMBER
"The urgency of the hour calls for leaders of wise judgement and sound integrity-Leaders not in love with money but in love with justice; leaders not in love with publicity, but in love with humanity; leaders who can subject their particular egos to the greatness of the cause." Quote by: Martin Luther King, Jr.


                         "Resolve To Be Involved"
Because The Why Is So Great!


The Martin Luther King, Jr. Task Force of Cary is always looking for: Youth Leaders & Youth Trainees who will give 10-15 hours a month of volunteer time to: bringing to the Corporation/ Board of Directors an awareness about their responsibility for service to society and to becoming peacemakers in their communities. They shall be encouraged to engage in educational and cultural opportunities as well as create new ideas and traditions in which to be involved and to involve other Youth & Young people.

Youth Partner Group/Organization- A youth from a community group/organization who will give 10-15 hours a month of volunteer time to: serving for one (1) year as a member of the Corporation/Board of Directors gaining community service hours.

                   YOUTH IN ACTION


CAROLYN SAMPSON - Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, she is the daughter of the late Rev. Dr. John W. Redfern & Pattie Lassiter Redfern. Mother of two sons, one daughter and grandmother of six.

Over the years she has devoted her life to human service, worked toward intellectual preparedness and excellence and in her lifetime has been affiliated with over 150 organizations serving as leader to 61. She has received awards and honors for dedication and work.

Carolyn, serving as  leads by supporting organizations of like purpose, facilitating/sponsoring/developing/executing programs advocating for peace, harmony and reconciliation among all people. Her community work is focused on supporting and presenting programs and events that educate, inspire and challenge people to gain a greater awareness of key issues affecting diverse groups of people; establishing lines of communications that encourage opportunities for mutual cooperation and understanding; dismantling racism; promoting the beloved community and providing educational, cultural, cooperative/community/world partnership links, ongoing universal peace efforts toward conflict resolution and peace in our world.

"Resolved To Be Involved" "Keeping the Dream Alive" "Because the Why Is so Great!!!!!", Carolyn gives over 10,000 volunteer hours per year to ongoing programming as President of the MLK, Jr. Task Force of Cary, Coordinator of Womens Federation for World Peace of North Carolina, Executive Director of World Church/World Mission,  Executive Producer of "In the Spotlight" a Performing Arts Competition, an Ambassador for Peace, Organizer of the Community Partners Consortium, LDS Member Missionary and participation in Local, National, International activities.
Work Includes: Maintaining the MLK, Jr. Task Force of Cary's programs and initiatives, producing via WorldChurch/WorldMission - Vision United Projects, Promoting the Beloved Community - A Mini Series focusing on Dr. King's nonviolence philosophy, providing coordinating leadership to WFWP of NC, maintaining community partnerships with organizations and businesses, and maintaining a relationship with over 125 on call volunteers.

"Resolved to Be Involved"
"Keeping the Dream Alive"
"Because the Why Is So Great"

In addition, Carolyn operates PDEFY (Projects Designed Especially For You) a company providing convenient services for organizations, businesses, families, and others; is a Legal Shield Independent Associate Small Business & Group Specialist, is a Certified Travel Agent operating VUR Travel a Homebased Business, Founder & Executive Director of WorldChurch/WorldMission and is incorporator of Our Family Reunion a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and continuance of family connections and history.

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